Blueprint for Recyclability
Blueprint for Recyclability is the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center’s program for design investigation and selection of reusable and recyclable packaging and products. RMC’s customizable program guides manufacturers closer to circularity.
Together, we plan it that way.
RMC experts:
  • Verify material composition to understand secondary market commodity value
  • Identify components that reduce end of life value
  • Recognize components that add disassembly cost
  • Assess material, composition, and redesign alternatives
  • Explore the likelihood of consumer recycling
  • Investigate consumer or manufacturer reuse of packaging or the product
  • Review package or product with MRF operators to gain opinion of recyclability
  • Notify material recovery facilities about item recyclability
  • Examine carbon footprint of the package or materials inclusive of alternates
  • Collaborate with relevant industry partners and obtain feedback for designers
  • Prepare manufacturers for third-party certification of sustainability claims
  • Evaluate potential product contribution to credits in LEED® rating system
  • Provide recommendations to implement clean and lean manufacturing
  • Evaluate the recycled item in actual MRF operation – test geometrics for recovery in mechanical, robotic, or human sorting
  • Seek expert input as desired from University faculty and RMC external partners
  • Have a working partnership with the globally recognized Penn State Materials Research Institute and through the MRI-RMC partnership, we can expedite advanced evaluation or development of your product and packaging, introducing novel design into your marketplace

Recycling only happens when a discarded item is manufactured into a new package or product.


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