Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center

Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center


The Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center Corporation (RMC) is an independent, Pennsylvania non-profit corporation with mission to reduce or eliminate barriers that lead to new expanded use of Pennsylvania’s recycled materials.

The RMC team brings markets development assistance to a near endless list of stakeholders including entrepreneurs, manufacturers, recycled material processors, collection programs, haulers, and governmental agencies. In operation since 2005 and with anchor funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the RMC has an affiliation with Penn State and is headquartered at Penn State Harrisburg with an office in Pittsburgh. Core areas of RMC outreach include feedstock supply connectivity, applied research and commercialization assistance; technology acceleration; and concierge service as a curator of technical and business growth information.

Building and supporting Pennsylvania’s $22.6B recycling marketplace with over 120 years of combined professional recycling industry experience, the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center bridges relationships between economic development and use of Pennsylvania’s recycled materials supply.

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FREE INDUSTRY WEBINAR January 28 | NextCycle – An Innovative Pathway

There is an innovative approach that does not push the full responsibility to municipalities, but instead involves public, private, non-profit, university, and impact investors.

Presenters: Matthew Naud, Kendra Appelman-Eastvedt and Lou Troiano

NextCycle is an innovative pathway that elevates material recovery and recycled-content manufacturing ideas to vetted, shovel-ready projects.

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FREE INDUSTRY WEBINAR December 22 | Asphalt Industry Efforts in Recycling

Presenter: J. Richard Willis, V.P., Engineering Research and Technology, National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA)

Glass, paper, aluminum and steel only account for 75% of what the asphalt industry recycles on an annual basis.

The webinar will update the audience on the current state of the knowledge regarding the industry’s three most recycled materials: reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), recycled asphalt shingles (RAS), and recycled tire rubber (RTR). recent efforts to incorporate waste plastics into asphalt mixtures.

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FREE INDUSTRY WEBINAR November 24 | Solar Panel Recycling

Presenter: Curt Spivey, President, Cascade Eco Minerals

Solar power technologies offer a number of environmental benefits, such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and waste over fuel-based energy sources

Curt Spivey, expert in the solar power equipment reuse and recycling industry, will discuss technologies and processes available to help the Solar Industry advance the Circular Economy.

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November 20 | Insights into Circularity – Live One-on-One Conversation

Join Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center President / CEO,  Bob Bylone as he hosts a Live, One-on-One Conversation with Retrievr Vice President of Business Development and Growth, Bob Anderson.

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