GreenCircle Certified

Third-Party Certification
The Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center (RMC), the leader in developing recycling markets in Pennsylvania, has formed an exclusive partnership with GreenCircle Certified, LLC (link is external) to establish a voluntary, independent evaluation process to certify products with recycled content.

green-circle-certified-logoThe ultimate purpose of this partnership is to enhance the RMC’s mission of building recycling markets in Pennsylvania – by driving an increase in the use of recycled raw materials and encouraging the manufacture and sale of more products with recycled content.

GreenCircle Certified, LLC provides third-party certification of sustainable aspects of products and manufacturing operations. By issuing a GreenCircle Certification, GreenCircle demonstrates that it has evaluated and verified the information provided by the manufacturer and that the manufacturer is capable of, and consistently produces, a product that is in compliance with their sustainability claim. Manufacturers with GreenCircle certified products gain competitive advantage and consumer trust in today’s market. These product claims are re-certified on an annual basis. The annual review ensures that the sustainability claim remains accurate.

The RMC supports applicant companies seeking certification as an advisor: preparing, coaching, working with companies seeking certification to help them improve their products, and get over any hurdles they may face in the certification process. The RMC is also available to assist the company to potentially expand the recycling materials that are used in products, prefarably with Pennsylvania-sourced recycled materials.

The importance of certification.
GreenCircle uses criteria for recycled content building products developed by the International Organization for Standardization and Federal Trade Commission to verify and certify content claims.

Certification is especially important in the construction industry; for instance, products that contain recycled content can gain a competitive marketing advantage with third-party certification. GreenCircle Certification can be used to satisfy credit rquirements for the US Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system and National Green Building Standard Program of the National Association of Home Builders.

It’s good for you. It’s good for recycling.
It’s good for Pennsylvania.

The goal of the partnership is to foster the growth of recycling and to support the ultimate beneficiary, Pennsylvania’s economy.

Look for GreenCircle Certified.
The 2010 TerraChoice Greenwash Report states that more than 95% of the consumer products that claim to be “green” either provide no proof, make vague claims, or actually misrepresent themselves.

Do business with environmentally responsible Pennsylvania companies.
Get what you set out to buy. Don’t get ‘green-washed’. The claims have been verified!
Encourage the use of recycled materials and increased production of products with recycled content.