Commodities Pricing – Partnership in Reliability

Your Pathway to Daily Post-Consumer Commodities Pricing

For the past 15 years, has reported ‘Real-time’ pricing on most categories of Post-Consumer Paper, Plastics, Glass, Metal and Aluminum Cans. Objective, unbiased pricing information is provided on a weekly basis by Qualified Purchasing Officials in 8 major regions across the USA and Canada.

The Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center (RMC) team brings markets development assistance to a near endless list of stakeholders. A core area of RMC outreach is being a reliable curator of technical and business growth information which includes post-consumer commodities pricing.

Commodities information is now available to Pennsylvania County Recycling Coordinators through the strategic partnership formed between the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center (RMC) and offers a comprehensive Online Commodity Pricing Index for Post-consumer Recovered Materials. This unbiased and objective current markets data is collected every Friday of the year, in addition to a ‘Monthly Opening’ Price on the 2nd business day, and ‘Monthly Closing’ Price.

If you are a Pennsylvania County Recycling Coordinator and have been issued your login credentials, please click here to access up-to-date commodities pricing information. If you are not a Pennsylvania County Coordinator and desire commodities pricing information, please click the button link below. At the next screen, please click To Sign Up Click Here for subscription.



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Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center
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