RMC Team

PennRMC Team

Robert J. Bylone, Jr.
, President, CEO
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Now the Executive Director, Bob was the prior Recycling Program Manager. Before joining the RMC, Bob was employed in the Environmental Training Center at Penn State Harrisburg.

Bob also gained experience in county government, industry, and consulting, serving briefly as the Schuylkill County Recycling/Environmental Coordinator, Copperhead Chemical Company, as a project/environmental, health, and safety engineer, and at Junkins Engineering as a project engineer. Bob has industrial environmental experience in 18 different states and over 20 types of industry.

Pete Previte, LEED AP / Recycling Markets Development Manager


Pete Previte, LEED AP Recycling Markets Development Manager
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Pete Previte is the Recycling Markets Development Manager for the Recycling Markets Center (RMC) He works to expand existing markets and create new markets for recyclable materials and also market the RMC, its programs, services, and activities. He provides website development, policy advocacy and product testing. He also provides technical assistance and technology transfer to help resolve specific technical questions or needs of recycling related businesses. The RMC’s mission statement is to expand and develop more secure and robust markets for recycled materials by helping to overcome market barriers and inefficiencies.

Wayne Bowen / Recycling Program Manager


Wayne Bowen, Senior Recycling Program Manager
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As a Senior Recycling Program Manager, Wayne’s major duties are to provide information and outreach, education and training and program delivery to enhance the knowledge and skills of those whose business or profession supports the collection, processing, use, marketability, marketing, sales or purchase of recycled materials or of use of recycled content products in Pennsylvania.

Melanie Morrison / Recycling Markets Administrative Assistant


Melanie Morrison, Recycling Markets Administrative Assistant
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Melanie is a Certified Recycling Professional through the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP) and continues to attend classes to enhance her knowledge of recycling. She also provides administrative support to the RMC staff, coordinates RMC Board meetings, assists in planning and implementation of RMC colloquiums, forums and other events which provide valuable information to RMC constituents. Immediately prior to joining the RMC, Melanie was employed by the Children’s Miracle Network at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. Melanie brings 5 years non-profit experience to the RMC. In addition, Melanie has been employed by Penn State University for 18 years.

Scott Marks


Scott Marks, EIT Recycling Program Manager
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In addition to outreach, education and program delivery, Scott provides engineering assistance to RMC programs and initiatives. He is also a certified level 1 thermographer and performs thermographic audits for processors and recycling businesses.