Register Now – Exploration of Recycling Markets Surrounding  Solar  Panel Systems

Solar Panel System Recycling

Virtual Markets Development Summit

Thursday June 23, 2022

9:00am – 12:45pm EDT



Please join us on June 23st 2022 for a virtual 1/2 day symposium on a variety of solar PV recycling topics.


Session topics include:


9:20 – 10:30a Emerging Policy
  • Senator Gene Yaw, Chair, Environmental Resources & Energy Committee; PA State Senate 
  • Evelyn Butler, Vice-President, Technical Services Section; Solar Energy Industries Association
  • Taylor Curtis, Legal & Regulatory Analyst; National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Ron Vance, Senior Advisor; Environmental Protection Agency 


10:35 – 11:25a Developing Standards of Recycling Practices
  • Sean De Vries, R2 Director; SERI 
  • Kelley Keogh, Co-Founder; Green Eye Partners
11:30 – 12:35ap Manufacturing, Operation, Recycling & Reuse of Solar Panel Systems
  • Edwin Mopas, Environmental, Health, & Safety Manager; Sun Power Corporation
  • Jim Nordmeyer, Vice-President, Global Sustainability; OI 


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