December 17 | SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS MANAGEMENT WEBINAR – Evolution of a Wastewater Treatment Plant to a Food Waste to Energy Facility for the Cogeneration of Heat and Energy

Tuesday December 17, 2019 / 1:30 – 2:45 PM EST –

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Presenter: Thomas W. Darby, Manager, Hermitage Municipal Authority; Superintendent, WPC Dept. City of Hermitage, PA

This webinar will focus on a case study of the evolution of a wastewater treatment plant to a food waste to energy facility for the cogeneration of heat and energy.  Introduction of food waste into the wastewater treatment process has resulted in a higher capture rate of energy value while decreasing landfilling for food waste generators. All this is being done while still functioning as a typical wastewater treatment plant and meeting all permit effluent limits.

Thomas W. Darby

Thomas W. Darby

Thomas W. Darby
is the Manager of Hermitage Municipal Authority and the Superintendent of the Water Pollution Control Department of the City of Hermitage, PA.

Thomas is a Graduate of Youngstown College of Business and attended Penn State University.

His previous work experience includes Northwest Engineering and he currently offers consulting services for the food waste to energy industry.