Tuesday, April 27, 2021


David Keeling, Regional Sales Manager for the East Coast, ARCA Recycling, discusses the process used to recycle appliances.

When an appliance stops working and cannot be repaired, most people can simply place it at the curb or let the delivery crew take the old one when the new appliance is installed. As recycling professionals, we need to think through the appliance recycling process to determine what system is best for our constituents, our community and the environment.

This webinar will discuss the process used to recycle appliances in most areas of the country and the components that need to be properly managed by the company processing the appliances from your program.
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Presenter Biography

David Keeling

David Keeling is the Regional Sales Manager for the East Coast with ARCA Recycling, better known as Appliance Recycling Centers of America. ARCA Recycling has been the leader in appliance recycling for 40 years. The company is based in Edina, MN and has 18 processing facilities around the country.

Prior to joining ARCA Recycling, Mr. Keeling worked as the Director, Recycling for the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI), a business unit of American Iron and Steel Institute. Prior to his departure in August of 2019, Mr. Keeling had been with the SRI in various positions since 1990.  Before joining the S.R.I., Mr. Keeling worked in various positions at Central Steel and Wire in Chicago, IL.

Mr. Keeling currently serves on the Board of Director of the National Recycling Coalition (NRC). He served as the President of the NRC from April 2018 until October 2020. He also currently serves as a member of the Wisconsin Council on Recycling which is a governor appointed citizen advisory board on recycling. He served as Chair of the council from 2018 until March of 2021.

Mr. Keeling has been a member of every viable state recycling organization in the country and continues to be a member of multiple state recycling organizations across the country. He is serving his fourth term as a board member of the Illinois Recycling Foundation.

Mr. Keeling is a LEED Accredited Professional in the United States Green Building Council and has been a member of every USGBC chapter throughout the country and continues to maintain his membership in several USGBC chapters. He is the former Executive Director of the Midwest Steel Framing Alliance.

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