September 22 | SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS MANAGEMENT WEBINAR – Advanced Recycling: Upcycling End of Life Plastics

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 / 1:30 – 2:45 PM ET

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Presenter: Lauren Versagli, Corporate Development, Plastic Energy Ltd.

Plastic Energy has developed a solution to address low-value mixed plastics that cannot be mechanically recycled.

The Thermal Anaerobic Conversion (TAC) produces recycled oil (TACOIL) from end-of-life plastics. The TACOIL is then used as a new feedstock for the (petro)chemical industry to generate recycled plastics by replacing virgin oil with TACOIL. This has led to the value-chain validation of the circularity of the Plastic2Plastic process by the ISCC+ to produce the Certified Circular Polymers.

After explaining the technical and industry experience to reach an optimal product and efficient operations, the presentation will stress some real-life Plastic2Plastic applications developed with the value-chain for food grade packaging, advancing the circular economy.

Lauren Versagli


Presenter Biography

Lauren is responsible for corporate development at Plastic Energy with a focus on North America.

She brings a strong background from the chemical industry and a track record of success in building teams and delivering collaborative solutions. Her core responsibilities include defining the company’s strategy and developing partnerships across the value chain that result in circular projects for plastic waste.

Prior to joining Plastic Energy, Lauren worked at Hach as a global business unit manager and for more than 10 years at the Dow Chemical Company in the US and Europe. Her core responsibilities while working at Dow were in the water treatment business where she held various roles from production engineering, to technical service, to sales and marketing. Later she was responsible for regional business development and the company’s 2025 sustainability goals in the Benelux.

Lauren received her MBA from IMD in Switzerland and her BS in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University in the USA.