WEBINAR August 31 | Carton Recycling Update


This webinar will provide an update on the Carton Council’s ongoing efforts in working with manufacturers, recycling program coordinators, haulers, processors and end users to set-up  infrastructure to recycle used carton in sustainable manner. In addition, representatives from facilities that utilize the recovered paper and plastics from cartons will provide an end users perspective on material procurement, processing, manufacturing and end markets.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 / 3:30 – 4:45PM ET

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Presenters –

– Jason Pelz, Vice President of Sustainability, Tetra Pak in the Americas
– Mark Bond,
Recycled Fibers Sales Manager, Sustana
– Jan Rayman,
CEO, Upcycling Technologies and Upcycling Group

Presenter Biographies


Jason Pelz

Jason Pelz

Jason Pelz is Vice President of Sustainability for Tetra Pak in the Americas.  Jason and his team work with a range of stakeholders across various geographies to advance Tetra Pak’s global sustainability ambitions, including growing recycling and collection of post-consumer cartons and reducing climate impact across the value chain.

Jason also serves as Vice President of Recycling Projects for Carton Council of North America, where he works with food and beverage brand owners, local municipalities and communities, and other third parties such as recyclers and paper mills to increase the availability of carton recycling in the U.S. and Canada.

Jason joined Tetra Pak in 2012 from Waste Management, where he served as Director for Global Export Sales and directed the global export strategy for Waste Management’s secondary fiber and waste plastics. Jason also served as Senior Account Manager for The Peltz Group, a privately-owned paper recycling company, which was acquired by Waste Management.  He is an expert in the recycling and paper mill industry, including export markets such as China and Southeast Asia.

Jason attended the University of California at Los Angeles and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish.  He currently resides in Milwaukee, Wis., with his wife and four children. When not working to promote the environmental benefits of cartons, Jason likes to ski, golf and travel.

Mark Bond

Mark Bond

Mark Bond
is the Recycled Fibers Sales Manager at Sustana, a leading producer of FSC® certified, premium post-consumer recycled fiber which takes its role as a steward of the environment seriously. Sustana uses highly automated proprietary processes to turn post-consumer wastepaper into the highest quality fiber for use in the production of printing & writing papers, tissue paper, formed molded fiber packaging, and in addition, fiber that is compliant with FDA standards for food service packaging.

Mark graduated from The Pennsylvania State University and has held sales and marketing roles in the paper industry. Mark joined Sustana in early 2017 and has achieved a consistent growth in sales for North America. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration and Management from Penn State University.


Jan Rayman


Jan Rayman is CEO of Upcycling Technologies and Upcycling Group, and founder and former CEO of The ReWall Company, an award-winning manufacturer of healthy, high-performance building materials from upcycled beverage cartons.

A visionary and a serial entrepreneur, Jan led the development of the ReWall technology and commercialization of several green building products with superior properties that showcased construction industry as a viable end market for the discarded polycoated packaging.

Serving on the founding Advisory Council of the Upcyclers Network and supporting carton recycling efforts around the world, Jan now aims to provide state-of-the-art circular economy solutions that create new green jobs, relieve local landfills and build strong domestic end markets for all types of recyclables and municipal waste streams.

Missed the Webinar? Find it in the RMC Webinar Library